DIY Disaster to Divine


Hardwoods vs. carpet


Ugly builder grade cabinets

Who am I and why a blog?

I’m Mary Ellen and like many of you i’m obsessed with DIY blogs and ideas.   My enthusiasm however, does not make up for my lack of skills.  Join me as I learn from my disasters during this process.    I can ‘t promise it will be divine but it will definitely be entertaining. 

It All Started With the Floor…

I have lived in the same condo for 13 years and it has been a while since I have done much updating. Several years ago I had a huge flood in my bedroom and ended up putting down laminate hardwoods after I couldn’t find matching carpet anywhere.

I decided over the summer that next winter I was going to replace the yucky taupe fake Berber with laminate hardwoods. I got several estimates and decided that I would also get a quote to have the kitchen cabinets refaced. I called Home Depot for a quote and after picking myself up off the floor ($10k for less than 200 sq ft!), I naively decided I would do it myself. More on this soon.

The laminate in my bedroom is from Floor and Decor and is called Cannes French Bleed and it’s a brownish color with wide planks, I absolutely love it. My design plan is to build everything around this flooring from redoing the kitchen to a new couch and updated accessories.  Hope to see you here next week…









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