My Kitchen Cabinet Conundrum

So today i’m going to share with you the beginning adventure of the kitchen cabinet makeover. After i got the HD quote and picked myself up off the kitchen floor, I naively decided I could paint and update my cabinets my self. I lurk on all the awesome DIY blogs like John and Sherry Petersik at Young House Love, Katie Bower at Bower Power  and on and on. They make this stuff look so easy. Guess what? It’s not!

So I started by obsessively pinning every kitchen cabinet post on pinterest until my eyes lost focus. By the end of this pinning frenzy I was more confused than ever..Do i use chalk paint, milk paint,latex paint or even stain?

Who in the world was Miss Mustardseed and what did she have to do with paint? I thought she killed Colonel Mustard in the dining room.   For those of you who have also never hmilkpainteard of her Miss Mustardseed makes a fabulous line of milk paint.

After an houbenmoorer discussion with the nicest, most patient Home Depot paint pro I decided to just use good old latex paint.  She also told me i could use a product called deglosser and not have to sand the cabinets.  This was awesome news because I had been dreading having to sand my cabinets.  I hate sanding and the mess it makes.

My cabinets are your basic builder-grade budget cabinets in a maple stain from the 80’s complete with that super mod look of no hardware, so you have to open the cabinets by pulling the sides with your fingers.  They are also missing two drawers completely and they look a little like a mouth with missing teeth.  They are definitely going to be a challenge for me as I work on them in the coming weeks.   Next up is the overwhelming task of choosing paint color.



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