50 Shades of Gray?

Once I decided to paint the cabinets, it was time to decide on a color.  To me, picking colors is a very stressful process.  I have this weird thing where I can’t see the undertones in color.  So if someone says this color has more blue or red in it, all I see is the color.  I often feel like I am missing something when looking at colors.  It’s like I am half color-blind!

So the color of the moment is gray.  All you have to do is open up a magazine, watch a HGTV show or check out pinterest and its everywhere.  In spite of its popularity, I really love it and have decided to use it.  I can only hope it doesn’t go the way of chevron prints and we all get sick of it sooner rather than later.  I feel like its crossing the line from trendy to being regarded as a neutral color that plays well with others.

Gray paint colors

So i jumped right in and started looking at gray kitchen cabinets on pinterest.  Did you know that 1000’s of people have painted their kitchen cabinets gray?  Neither did I but the evidence is there, in gray.  The challenge is that there are cool tones and warm tones. There are thousands of pins titled “The Best Gray Paints” by all the brands and after a while they all start to look alike.

So I came up with a few colors I liked and went back to HD to get samples.  After a lot of hand wringing, I decided the winner was a Behr color called Sutton Place Gray!  Sutton Place Gray

I’m sure for those of you who know me, you will not be surprised to find that this is not the end of the color journey.




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