The 911 Paint Consultation

I began prepping the cabinets and drawers by emptying and washing them down  and  then wiping them down with a liquid deglosser to remove the shine.  This was a great opportunity to clean out 13 years of spices in a top cabinet I never use and also lots of packaged food long past the expiration date.  I basically ended up with salt, pepper and garlic powder when the dust cleared.    I then took my teeny tiny  electric screwdriver ( it kind of looks like a glue gun) and laboriously removed every drawer and cabinet and numbered them with corresponding ziploc bags of the screws and hinges to go with each cabinet.  I even created a schematic on my whiteboard of the cabinet setup. I was so impressed with myself.  You would have thought this would insure I didn’t lose any screws or get them mixed up.  If you believe that you clearly don’t  know me well yet.

Once I got everything set up I began to paint.  I have a confession to make, for the  most part, I hate painting.  Several years ago I painted my living room, dining room, sun room and hallway.  It took a whole summer to complete.  I can still see the drips and  paint spots on the ceiling.  So as I set out to paint the cabinets, I forgot all about my love/hate relationship with painting.  I used a roller and brush and began to apply the paint.  The paint kept squishing over and it looked all drippy. No matter what I did it looked uneven and generally crappy, to use a technical term.   After an emergency phone conversation with my father, who is my DIY 911 consultant, I learned I was using too much paint on the roller.  So, i tried again, but i never seemed to get the hang of it with the first coat.  I vowed I would do better with the second coat.


Gratuitous pic of Abby

Once I painted one side, i put them down on sheets on the floor.  This was immediately a bad decision, because my dog Abby decided to step on one of the cabinets and I had to stop and remove the paint from her paw.   Abby is a 14 year old Jack Russell Terrier who owns the house.  She is the kind of dog who immediately lies down on top of freshly folded laundry, the outfit I just laid out to wear to work, the remote control or any papers that I might be working on at the time.

By the time I put the second coat on I had gotten the hang of going back over the drips and sort of smoothing it all out.  I came home after work one day and looked at the completed two coats.  I realized two things, first it needed a third coat and second I hated the color.  It was too beige and just looked blah.  The more I looked at it the more I hated it. Now what was I going to do?



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