3 Things Not to Forget when Painting your Kitchen Cabinets

I started painting again and it took me two coats on top of the two previous coats of the old color.  After the second coat I looked clearly at each cabinet and saw all the white spaces needing touch up.  So I touched up the corners and the other imperfections.  Instead of it looking smooth and fabulous, it looked uneven and worse than ever.  I used too much paint of course and so I had to go back and add yet another complete coat to the 4 existing coats. It was finally done and it looked pretty good.  I figured only I would notice the drips and other little imperfections.  If you are a friend and get to see the finished cabinets you are not to notice them either 🙂

Take a look up at the top of the blog and check out those cabinets again.  Do you recall one of the things I said made them so awful?  It was the lack of hardware and the fact that you had to open them using your fingers.  So the next step was to choose the hardware that I would add to the cabinet doors and drawers to update the look.  I picked out a more modern handle in a satin nickel finish that would blend with the stainless steel fridge.   I also had to spray paint all the brass hinges and nails.  I used a Rustoleum specialty metallic spray paint.  It’s hard to believe that all the parts and pieces are finally coming together. handles

My awesome friend Patti is also in the process of re-doing her kitchen, but where  she is McGyver-like in her DIY skills I am more like Inspector Gadget.  She agreed to come over with her drill (because of course she had one) and help me begin to install the hardware and hang the cabinets.  I had been so focused on the drawers and doors I forgot to put the second coat of paint on the frame and still had to spray paint a few more hinges, all of which I did a few hours before she came.  I felt terrible because the frame was still somewhat wet and we couldn’t hang the cabinets because they would stick.

So here are the top 3 things I learned about painting your kitchen cabinets:

  • Use caulk to fill in the gaps between the trim and cabinet.  I didn’t find this out until it was too late 😦
  • Don’t think all you have to do is use the deglosser and that will be all the prep you need.  If you have really old cabinets you will need to at least sand lightly, no matter what the experts tell you.
  • After all your focus on the cabinets and drawers, don’t forget to paint the frame.





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