Bob the Builder

I told you previously about my friend Patti, she  is one of those amazing women who is truly good at whatever she sets out to do and is always willing to help out her friends no matter how much it inconveniences herself. She came up with this elaborate template so that each hole would be in the exact same spot on each cabinet.  This process involved measuring from center, and marking lines and making holes in paper and drilling in sample holes.  It was exhausting just watching her.  I think it took us (really her) over an hour to come up with one template that she felt like was worthy of  actually putting drill to cabinet. I just kept watching her and agreeing when she explained something, but I really didn’t know what she was talking about. However, at the end she thought it looked like it was pretty straight.  I have never picked up a drill in my life, so she decided to let me borrow the drill and advised me to go get a piece of scrap wood from the hardware store and practice drilling.  By the time she left I was exhausted and had to take a nap.  I think we both thought this would be a pretty straightforward process and we could install and hang them in a couple of hours.

I came to the realization that I  was the only one responsible for drilling holes in these smooth, newly painted cabinets.   I am a lefty and I have always had trouble cutting a straight line, so why did I think I could drill 23 accurate sets of holes in perfectly smooth wood?  So I went to Home Advisor, one of those recommendation websites and found a small job handyman, and yes I swear, his name is Bob so of course we are going to call him Bob the Builder.

bob the builder

*This is not Bob the Builder but he does kind of look like this 🙂

Bob the Builder gave me a quote on installing the hardware and hanging the cabinets.  It was so reasonable I agreed at once,  the only catch was I had to put the hinges back on cabinets.  It actually wasn’t too hard as the holes from the hinges were still there so I could just drill them back in to the same spot.  I was very proud of how quickly I drilled those holes and put those hinges on.  There was something kind of stress relieving drilling through the wood.


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